I accidentally cut off an ice cream truck driver in the way to work this morning.

The juxtaposition of happy ice cream music coupled with unbridled, turtle-pop waving, rage was quite surreal. For just the slightest fraction of a moment I thought I might be living in Twisted Metal, only I had the shitty car and a Mad Katz controller.

Slouch down, avoid eye contact, do not offer to buy a bomb pop, could end badly.

Shift lanes, Take exit, begin work day.

My life is weird when I’m up before noon.

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3 Responses to Commuting

  1. Ian says:

    Hatin’ on Mad Catz… Sheesh.

  2. DC says:

    Lay off the LSD, sir.

  3. KapitanTurtle says:

    @Ian – Was just trying to illustrate how much of a disadvantage I was at being in the CRV instead of my truck.

    @Ulti – 3 hours of sleep is pretty crazy in morning traffic. Drugs need not apply.

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