Test post 2

Please ignore.

Second test image:

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Test Post Ignore

Test post.

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372 Days

Past me is an asshole. I’ll post more, he says. We’ll see, he says.


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So I says to myself, I says: Self, you should start a blog.

And so I did and lo, it was glorious. For a while.

Then it was promptly ignored.

I guess it just became a bit of a hassle when I was trying to get everything sorted and situated in my life. Then holidays. Woo!

Lately I’ve had a friend asking a lot of questions about setting his own blog up and that’s sent me back here several times as reference, and I think I may have to start updating a bit more.

So we shall see!

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A Doctoral Breakdown.

Doctors are clearly people that have no idea what fun is or how to be cool.

This video would beg to differ.

Each view is worth a donation to McGill Research Hospital, so click.

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Music is innate and it is awesome.

I saw this video a while back and it makes me smile in awe every time. People rock.

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Fight the flower.

Don’t let the man keep you back.

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Coffee Cup Rage

It was necessary for me to heat water this morning for my tea. Not a big problem. Until the HR gal comes by and





Christmas mug.

Today, we go to war.

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The QC Chronicles

In this industry, Quality Assurance and Quality Control must work hand in hand to make sure that the product that we are selling to customers is what they pay for and is not going to hurt anyone. Quality Assurance, what I do, deals more with the regulatory bodies that govern our industry (FDA, ISO, etc) and keeps our paperwork in order. Quality Control is the clearing house that tests all reagents and machines that leave our company to make sure they actually function they way they are intended.

The Manager over our Quality Control department is insane.

I have mentioned him some in a few earlier posts.

This man is a source of endless entertainment for me during the work day. Today was a prime example:

I was going over some documents to make sure that they were all signed in the correct spot and that everything that we need is there. It is required by both the FDA and ISO that any mistakes that need to be corrected have a single strike through, are initialed <KT> and dated. 14Sept’11. When you have to go though 50 of these, mistakes happen and often initials or the date are missed and its not a big deal. Fix it we move on. The Quality Control Manager (QCM) wandered by my desk and I told him that these needed to be fixed.

QCM: No problem KT, I’ll be right back.
**15 minutes pass and he returns, visibly out of breath**
QCM: Ok…KT… I got them fixed for you… *flexes arm* I only had to beat him once.
KT: Alrighty… Um, keep up the good work.
QCM: No problem. You too.

I found those early in the stack. I found two more at the end and decided I would go take them myself as I needed to walk around some. I enter into the QC department and QCM is there.

QCM: He’s over there! Take him not me! *points at the QC Tech I need*
KT: Thank ya. *walks over to the tech* Is QCM OK?
QCTech: Yeah. Welcome to Wednesday.

I just… yeah.

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Michelle Obama ruins fans.

KT: grr, im going to walmart tonight and buying a cheapass multitool, f’in tired of not having one

Lithy:  lol why

KT:  cuz a knife is not enough, i have this mini desk fan when its pointed at me, it makes a noise

light metal on metal sound

clearly it needs a lube

but i dont have a gorram screwdriver to open it

Lithy:  lol

KT:  admittedly i could either take this one back or just buy another one

but then the terrorists win

Lithy:  take it back and complain

get a refund

and a NEW fan

KT:  it was 6 bucks

Lithy:  dont matter

you spent gas

and time

say “my time is valuable”

and “gas isn’t cheap”

“i drive a hummer”

KT:  the more republican i make myself sound, the more respect i should get, rite?

Lithy:  indeed

and then say

“this is obamas fault”

KT:  the fan is blue, clearly a link

Lithy:  “did michelle obama make this fan?”


“because that’s how this place is running!”

KT:  omg, the laughter i just had to stifle sir… well played


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