The Cinema Suites – A KT Service Review

It was the girlfriend’s birthday last Wednesday, but due to unfortunate schedule conflicts we were unable to celebrate properly until Saturday. Stupid works getting in the way of us having fun.

So on Saturday we went out onto the town and had a fantastic bouncing around to different stores and having dinner at Paradise India. To cap the night off we went to see The Help in the AMC Cinema Suites. It had been a while since we’d been and to be perfectly honest, I don’t recall why. Both times have been fantastic experiences and I would recommend them to anyone.

I was a bit shocked when I found out the tickets had dropped in price from 25 dollars down to 15 per ticket. Still a bit pricey, but you pay as much for an IMax3D movie right now and this is just as good of a value as that, albeit a different type of value.

For your 15 dollars you gain access to view your movie with people who are 21 years or older. After having viewed my fair share of films where the crowd has been filled with idiot hellspawn teenage failures this is a refreshing change. Of course it’s not inconceivable that the over 21 crowd would be just as unruly as the teen demons, but at least the chance of an adolescent hormonal uprising is somewhat minimized.

The seating is one of the biggest draws. I am no small person and the regular seats are not always the most comfortable thing in harnessing my ass. The cinema suites are, for all intents and purposes, lazy boy recliners with automatic reclining buttons. It sounds like you are farting whenever you are reclining, but I found that it made the experience just that much more enjoyable. The location of our seats were not the greatest, but being able to recline back and relax to watch the movie was fantastic. With how far back the seats lean, I probably wouldn’t have an issue sitting in the front row.

The waitress brought out ice water for both of us and kept them filled for the duration of the movie. I sadly can’t comment on the food, seeing as we ate before heading to the theater but it did smell tasty. I was tempted due to fatness to order the unlimited popcorn for 6.99 but we ended up not for various reasons. I’d have to figure the numbers on 2 bags of popcorn vs. unlimited, waiter-brought popcorn to see if it really was a good buy or not but I’d say probably.

I think the best way that I could sum up the Cinema Suites is this: I have seen two movies in the suites, one of which was great and the other which was only barely mediocre. The suites made both of the experiences fantastic in such a way that I even enjoyed the mediocre movie. Cinema Suites: Making crappy movies awesome.

Cinema Suites: 5/5 Fatty Rolls.

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