Michelle Obama ruins fans.

KT: grr, im going to walmart tonight and buying a cheapass multitool, f’in tired of not having one

Lithy:  lol why

KT:  cuz a knife is not enough, i have this mini desk fan when its pointed at me, it makes a noise

light metal on metal sound

clearly it needs a lube

but i dont have a gorram screwdriver to open it

Lithy:  lol

KT:  admittedly i could either take this one back or just buy another one

but then the terrorists win

Lithy:  take it back and complain

get a refund

and a NEW fan

KT:  it was 6 bucks

Lithy:  dont matter

you spent gas

and time

say “my time is valuable”

and “gas isn’t cheap”

“i drive a hummer”

KT:  the more republican i make myself sound, the more respect i should get, rite?

Lithy:  indeed

and then say

“this is obamas fault”

KT:  the fan is blue, clearly a link

Lithy:  “did michelle obama make this fan?”


“because that’s how this place is running!”

KT:  omg, the laughter i just had to stifle sir… well played


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