The QC Chronicles

In this industry, Quality Assurance and Quality Control must work hand in hand to make sure that the product that we are selling to customers is what they pay for and is not going to hurt anyone. Quality Assurance, what I do, deals more with the regulatory bodies that govern our industry (FDA, ISO, etc) and keeps our paperwork in order. Quality Control is the clearing house that tests all reagents and machines that leave our company to make sure they actually function they way they are intended.

The Manager over our Quality Control department is insane.

I have mentioned him some in a few earlier posts.

This man is a source of endless entertainment for me during the work day. Today was a prime example:

I was going over some documents to make sure that they were all signed in the correct spot and that everything that we need is there. It is required by both the FDA and ISO that any mistakes that need to be corrected have a single strike through, are initialed <KT> and dated. 14Sept’11. When you have to go though 50 of these, mistakes happen and often initials or the date are missed and its not a big deal. Fix it we move on. The Quality Control Manager (QCM) wandered by my desk and I told him that these needed to be fixed.

QCM: No problem KT, I’ll be right back.
**15 minutes pass and he returns, visibly out of breath**
QCM: Ok…KT… I got them fixed for you… *flexes arm* I only had to beat him once.
KT: Alrighty… Um, keep up the good work.
QCM: No problem. You too.

I found those early in the stack. I found two more at the end and decided I would go take them myself as I needed to walk around some. I enter into the QC department and QCM is there.

QCM: He’s over there! Take him not me! *points at the QC Tech I need*
KT: Thank ya. *walks over to the tech* Is QCM OK?
QCTech: Yeah. Welcome to Wednesday.

I just… yeah.

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