Ice Cream and Jurassic Park

I have several things to report on.

Very rarely does one notice the same vehicle on the freeway. I don’t mean just a similar car, I mean the exact same one. This morning I recognized one such vehicle as I was merging to get to work. My Ice Cream rival had returned. I was legitimately frightened when I merged and he was to my left. I thought he might launch some bomb pops at me or try to lay down some spike strips of choco-tacos. He glanced over with a scowl as a sort of acknowledgement of my entering onto the freeway and then he looked back forward. I’m not sure what to make of this. I’ll have to see if this turns into a highway friendship or a rivalry. There might be food involved and that’s probably the most important.

It would seem that I work with celebrities. I work with two different people, one looks like Steven Spielberg and the other looks like Matt Damon from Good Will Hunting, glasses and all. Which reminds me, would Jason Bourne have had nearly as many issues on Jurassic Park as the paleontologist? My guess is no, and he probably would have caught Dennis Nedry and beat him with his own boot.

Deep thoughts from Reddit today for a better life:

[–]madewithfarts 2 points 18 minutes ago

Crop dust a group of people you don’t know once a day. Your going to have to fart today anyway, might as full make it fun.”


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