That’s about how I would describe today. A series of conversations and quotes today at work made me just think that today was…odd.

My Boss in reference to the QC Manager: Go grab him for the meeting, and if he doesn’t want to come, just pick him up and carry him.
Me: Oh, I see why you hired me, muscle.
Boss: Your new position title is QA Bouncer.

After getting the QCM, he says to me: Ok KT, you’re representing me today in the meeting. If they ask  you any questions, say its a software problem and we’re going to issue a federal recall.
(We make medical equipment, so this would be a very bad thing.)

Went to hang out in the QC area to learn about what they do, ended up talking to several of the techs in there.
Female QC Tech, in refernce to chromatography: You should come over to the variant side, I can show you a lot more peaks.
Male QC Tech: Wow.
FQCT: Oh my, that didn’t come out right…at all. :/
Me: I’m the new guy, I’m so not touching that one.

QCM at the end of the day, asking for my boss: Hey KT, is QAM still here or did he go already?
Me: Uhm, I think he leaves at 4.
QCM: *walking off* SHIIIIIT, DAMMMIT QAM!!!!!

My job, what is this I don’t even.

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  1. Lithy says:

    Exponentially awesome.

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