KT’s Battle Plan for the Future

So now that I have a job that pays well, it’s time to take a look at other parts of my life and start to get them in order to achieve the KT version of the Buddhist’s Nirvana. Or at least something that works better than what I’m doing now.

What I’m about to say, I already know is not good for me but for any good experiment it is necessary for some background research to have been done.


I know I currently go to bed around 12:30am, asleep by 12:50am, alarm goes off at 6:30am and I’m up and moving by 6:45am. I typically feel groggy until I can get in the shower. A cup of coffee, 18oz black with low-cal creamer, is helpful in getting things going. Total time slept: <6 hours.

I’ve tried to make this work but sometimes it’s difficult to keep awake at work or keep focused for too long. The problem is that I still have things going on or that I want to participate in that really run me up to about midnight.

The way I plan on solving this is to adopt a bi-phasic sleep schedule. I plan on sleeping most nights from 12:30a to 5a, and a nap from 6p to 730p after I get off of work. From what I’ve read this is a good schedule that ends up working and is still flexible enough that if the nap needs to be skipped it can be. I plan on starting this next week and will be reporting back results as data is collected.


I like to work out. It feels good and makes me a happier person. I’ve gotten away from this in my recent unemployment and I’m seeking to rectify this immediately. I feel fat and my cardio is shot, and this sucks. In order to cope with this, I will be exercising after I get up at 5 and going for a run on the elliptical machine or lifting weights or something. I haven’t made the final call about rejoining a gym yet, but it may be good for me. I’ll probably start out running and then move up to the harder stuff.


I’ve already started eating better. Breakfast is difficult for me to eat just because I’ve never really been a breakfast fan. I will maybe a granola bar or something on the way out the door but never a full blown meal. It slows me down and makes me even groggier. I’ve been having a mixed green salad for lunch with an egg and a lite Italian dressing. I haven’t had a soda in several weeks. I need to increase my water intake, but it shouldn’t be too much of a problem with the exercise boosting up. Minimizing the amount of times I go out to eat, cooking at home more, and eating more and smaller meals should be keys to winning here. I doubt that I’ll end up posting a food diary on here seeing as that might get a bit tedious and boring. Water counts maybe. We’ll see.


So there it is. My plan to victory all laid out in front of me and accountable for it now that it’s in print. Things have to change and after I get back from my trip this weekend the ball starts rolling. I have things to do and being a fat slob just won’t be getting them done anymore. For those that know: I plan on entering into the Winter as a Squire and leaving from Gates as a Knight. For those that don’t: That just means I’m going to be a hoss by next spring.

Let’s kick this pig.


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